Moai Stake Pool
Ticker: MOAI

Stake your Ada with multiple, decentralized
relays on world class infrastructure.

Stake pool relays

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Frankfurt, DE
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Why stake with MOAI?

Reliable and green

Our stake pool runs on world class infrastructure with 99.99% guaranteed uptime, in datacenters that operate on 100% renewable energy.


As a single pool operator, we are truly decentralized and not connected to big operators or exchanges, making us totally dedicated to you — our delegators.

Run by experts

Managed by IT professionals with decades of experience in enterprise-level Linux, we keep the MOAI stake pool running smoothly 24/7.


A dedicated Cardano stake pool with skin in the game, we continually reinvest into our pool pledge to help maintain the overall health and security of the Cardano network.

Low fees

A low 2% pool profit margin and minimum fixed fee means you keep 98% of your reward. With a low saturation level, there’s also greater potential for higher rewards.

Honest and transparent

We are an ethical participant in the Cardano network and give full disclosure to our delegators. In a bid for transparency we share all relevant activities openly with our community.

Our decentralized
relay network

Relays are used to keep the MOAI network healthy and hide the block producing nodes from the rest of the network. Our block producing nodes only communicate with our registered relays, plus one additional relay held in reserve. In this way, the producers are not exposed to other nodes on the network, making them safer and more difficult to exploit.

We maintain a minumum of two relays at all times. This enables the necessary redundancy to be able to update one relay node while the other communicates with the block producers. In the unlikely event of a relay node failure, the block producers are still able to distribute minted blocks to the rest of the network.

Our philosophy

The MOAI group (Ticker: MOAI) is a stake pool that strives to be as reliable, secure and profitable as possible while also supporting good stewardship of our planet. That is, we donate a percentage of our monthly operating costs to organizations with a proven impact in carbon offsetting projects.

In addition, we have carefully selected datacenters that run on 100% renewable energy to host our servers.

We believe strongly that Cardano's proof-of-stake design, rather than the energy intensive proof-of-work approach of Bitcoin, represents the future of cryptocurrency — and a better solution for everyone.

Staking with us

Delegation basics


Delegation means that ADA holders trust their stake to a stake pool. It allows holders that do not run their own pool to participate in the network and receive rewards by taking part in the Oroboros consensus protocol. Rewards are proportional to the amount staked and depend on the pool's stake, the owner's pledge, pool performance and other factors.

Staking on the Cardano network and earning rewards has never been easier—whether you use a full node wallet, browser-based extension or mobile app.

Simply open your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet, go to the Delegation Center, search for MOAI and choose “Delegate”.

Ada rewards

Asked Questions

Are there any risks to staking?

No. Your funds stay safe in your wallet at all times. You should never send your ADA to anyone when staking — the funds remain in your wallet for the duration of the time they are delegated.

Can I change to another stakepool?

Yes. You can switch stakepools at any time by choosing a new pool and delegating to it. The delegation will instantly be reflected in your wallet, but will only be recorded at the beginning of the next epoch (n+1).

What is an epoch?

In the Cardano network an epoch is a measurement unit of time. Each epoch consists of a number of slots, where each slot lasts for one second. A Cardano epoch currently includes 432,000 slots, which is equal to five days.

How much can I earn staking?

You can estimate potential earnings with the official Cardano Staking calculator.

Is there a minimum amount for staking?

There is no minimum. You can delegate even 1 ADA (₳). Bear in mind you will have to pay 2 ADA (₳) for a key deposit when you delegate for the first time. This fee is returned when you undelegate from the pool.

Are my funds safe while they are delegated?

Yes, your funds are safe as your ADA (₳) remains securely in your wallet. You maintain full control while they are staked and can transfer or withdraw them at any time.

When will I receive awards?

If you delegated for the first time, you will have to wait between 15 and 20 days to receive your first rewards. After this initial period, you have the possibility of receiving rewards at the end of each five day epoch. Remember that rewards are generated by our pool when blocks are signed. This depends on the total amount of active participation and other variables.

How do I get my rewards?

Your staking rewards are paid to your wallet at the end of each epoch (five days) automatically. This is defined by the Cardano protocol and not something we can control. All rewards will be transferred to your real account on the Cardano mainnet.

Can I increase my stake after I've delegated?

Yes. If you send more ADA to your wallet, your participation will automatically increase and you will have better potential for earning rewards in the future.

How is MOAI pool dedicated to sustainability?

Cardano has earned a reputation as “the most environmentally sustainable” cryptocurrency, thanks to its innovative proof-of-stake blockchain protocol, Ouroboros. Proof-of-stake solves the greatest challenge faced by existing blockchains: the need for more and more energy to achieve consensus.

We've pledged to take this further in two ways: 1) renewable energy, and 2) carbon offsetting.

All of our servers are hosted in datacenters that are powered by 100% renewable energy. Specifically, the upstream provider for our U.S.-based datacenter, Digital Reality, incorporates carbon-free and renewable resources supplied by wind, solar, and hydro facilities. Likewise, our German-based datacenter, Eqinix, has covered 100% of their European load with renewable energy.

To further offset our carbon impact, we've selected Ecologi for their leading role in climate solutions. A percentage of our fixed costs are automatically donated to Ecologi each month. Ecologi is driven to be transparent about the climate solutions they fund, and publish the certificates for all of the carbon credits (verified tonnes of carbon emissions reduced) that they buy. You can track the receipts from their purchases of tree planting services.

What's the significance of the name MOAI?

The indigenous people of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, created a thriving and industrious culture, as evidenced by the island's many enormous stone moai. These statues reveal their creators to be master craftsmen and engineers.

However, the middle (1050-1680) and the late periods (post-1680) of the Rapa Nui civilization were characterized by increased land clearing for cultivation. By the time Europeans arrived in 1722, the island was completely deforested and all tree species extinct.

Without trees the ecosystem collapsed; without ecosystem functions, food and fresh water quickly diminished and escape boats could not be built. Since escape was impossible, resource infighting and civil war occurred until only a fraction of the population remained.

Today, the moai remain as stoic reminders of Rapa Nui's former greatness. The story draws an unsettling parallel to contemporary global ecological destruction. We've chosen the name MOAI as a symbol of engineering prowess, but also for the cautionary tale they represent — and hope for a better future.